Our Field Service Team

Our field service team is consistently updated in proper safety and installation procedures in order to provide safe and efficient service. Our field team engages with individual residents on a daily basis as well as other contractors and businesses. We embrace the direct interaction that we have with local residents to understand how to meet their needs effectively.
The direct feedback that our field team receives from residents proves invaluable in improving services to them. Medtec Power is committed to providing the highest quality service while operating in a safe and effective manner.


Quality Assurance

MedTEC Power quality assurance is a vital part of our services. To assure customer satisfaction we are constantly working to perfect our processes to provide high caliber customer service.

Our quality motto says: “We highly value all of the customers opinions and the products they receive from us. We do our best to achieve the best quality products possible and ensure that they are placed correctly in our customers home. Our Goal in service with all of our Customers and/or Business Partners with Respect, Dignity, Quality and Care”. – Robert Bruce

In addition to appliance swaps, we have members on board who has served our local community on installing gas and electric baseboard heaters and water boilers. These installation examples shown are few of many that keep bills low and customer satisfaction high.


Residential and Commercial Work

Community Projects are the core of MedTEC Power. We strive to aid our communities local and abroad to become more energy efficient by successfully completing energy audits, educating our customers, and satisfying community needs. We are available 24/7 to partner with community leaders who are interested in bettering their residential and commercial areas. Medtec Power also participates in sponsoring clean energy companies like Tesla and EnergyStar.


Home Field Services

Program Managers

Energy Auditors

Home Inspectors

Tesla Battery Support

Boiler Repair or Replacement

Electric Fire Place - Base Board Heating

Project Managers

Roof / Insulation Inspectors

Plumbing Leaks, Installation and Insulation

Solar Panel Install and Repair

Hot Water Heater Repair or Replacement

24 to 48 Hour Service Response